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Ashley Luer (Spring 2014)

A semester in Washington was a great opportunity for professional development, and it was by far the most formative experience of my undergraduate career. I learned so much at my internship, and I have developed skills that I can apply to future positions. Living in DC, attending panel discussions and networking events, and participating in the IIW informational site visits opened my eyes to the intense variety of interesting jobs available in and around Washington.

Jenny Baldwin (Summer 2013)

The Illinois in Washington Program is one of the best decisions I made in my four years at U of I. I came to college with the desire to work in government and politics, but like most students, I was uncertain how to begin. IIW gave me the incredible opportunity of working in an engaging, fast-paced internship on Capitol Hill and provided me with the resources to continue a career in politics after graduation.

Tom Connelly (Spring 2013)

IIW was the most influential semester of my college career. It made me prepared for life after school and gave me a taste of how politics actually work. IIW was not only a fun experience, but it also gave me the experience and skills I needed to find a job after college.

Greg Dickinson (Summer 2013)

Illinois in Washington was by far the most intellectually enriching experience of my college career. I was able to learn firsthand about the machinations of our nation’s capital, and gained valuable real world skills that will forever be useful.

Karim Popatia (Summer 2013)

IIW was the best summer I spent as an undergrad and one of the best overall experiences I had while I was at Illinois. I was able to do meaningful work during my time as an intern, learn more about real life work and politics than any of my classes, make valuable connections, and meet some of the coolest people my age. I was also able explore one of the nation's biggest cities and took advantage of all it had to offer. Doing IIW with your classmates creates a bond that doesn't end once you leave Washington and the experience lasts forever. IIW has helped me with interviews, other job opportunities, as well as personal development. I had a wonderful time and I would do it again if I could.

Heather Reid (Spring 2011)

Illinois in Washington gave me practical experience far different from what I got in the classroom and helped me make the decision to move back to Washington to start my career. I am currently Department Manager for Tracking at American Bridge 21st Century.

Alana Rubin (Fall 2012)

Participating in a semester internship through Illinois in Washington was single-handedly the most important choice I made during my four years at the University of Illinois. I learned networking skills, had my resume professionally edited, and gained exposure to the various organizations and companies that make up Washington, D.C. Throughout the experience, I was able to meet top industry leaders, non-profit executives, and government officials and learn about their paths to success. One of the most awesome experiences was taking a Public Policy course literally steps away from United States Capitol. Whether you're a Political Science major or not, IIW is a great experience for students of all disciplines!

Lisette Washington (Spring 2013)

Many students hesitate to apply for Illinois in Washington because they believe the search for internships will be too difficult, the program is too expensive, and that DC is too far from home. These were the same concerns I had before submitting my own application for the program. After completing the program, I was glad that I did not let these challenges stop me from gaining one of the best experiences that I have ever had in college. My experience was positive because I applied for jobs early, I found a paid internship, and I made many new friends.

If you are contemplating whether or not the experience will make a difference on your resume, I can assure you it will. Every person who has viewed my resume is very impressed and interested in the work that I completed and my experience living in the center of the nation’s politics. In DC you will find yourself making connections and gaining access to opportunities that you did not believe were possible. Illinois in Washington is an invaluable opportunity that will help you become a viable candidate for success wherever you go.