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Tuition and Fees

Because IIW is a University of Illinois program, program tuition is the same as regular campus tuition. University of Illinois financial aid applies directly to program costs.

While in IIW, your fees are somewhat less because only the general fee (and, if applicable, the health insurance fee), are required. The University waives all of your on-campus fees.  There is a $1000 course fee for Illinois in Washington.

Books and Supplies

Fewer books and academic supplies are required than on campus.

Housing and Living Expenses

Housing and living expenses are higher than on campus. Housing is in shared apartments or a group house on Capitol Hill.  Housing costs approximately $1100 per month.

Financial Aid

If you are on financial aid, you may apply for additional loan amounts to cover these costs.  IIW can provide you with a budget to submit to financial aid.

Estimated Budget

The cost of living is higher in DC than on campus.  Below is a rough estimate of semester costs for you to use as a guide.

Fixed costs:

Tuition: what you pay on campus, less a small portion of the fees (Click here for information on your tuition rate.)
Airfare: $500
Housing: $1100/month

Variable costs:

Meals: $700 to $2400
Books and supplies: $50
Local transportation: $250
Personal expenses: $400 to $1500