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Classes - In fall and spring, students take all three classes listed below. In summer, students take only the internship seminar.

Internship Seminar – This course combines experiential learning, career development and writing. Class sessions and assignments enable students to analyze and reflect on their internship experience, engage in professional and career development, and develop and complete a research paper. PS 491, 6 credits

The Washington Experience – Through visits to think tanks, nonprofit organizations and agencies, we will examine the policymaking world in Washington and get to know different participants in this process, what they do, and how they interact and work to affect policy and express their ideas. PS 199, 3 credits

Principles of Public Policy – This course examines important issues that are relevant to government and public policy. In some semesters, it may focus on one specific public policy issue that is currently of particular interest or concern. PS 321, 3 credits.

Note: Students who intern in either the fall or spring semester usually take the Principles of Public Policy course, but may arrange Independent Studies within their majors. Independent Study courses are arranged on an individual basis in cooperation with students’ major departments.