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Washington, DC, has a wealth of internship opportunities. U of I students have interned for nonprofits, congressional offices, government agencies, think tanks and more. IIW will help you find an internship by providing lists of internship openings and advising on cover letters and resumes.


Why Do An Internship?

An internship offers a learning experience that you can't get in a classroom. An internship is an opportunity: Chanteit can show you the path to the career you have always planned or illuminate unthought-of possibilities. An internship provides you with a new perspective on your life and education. It builds your skills, gives you training and experience, and informs choices that shape the rest of your life.

While other internships may involve only a site and a student, the academic internships offered through IIW connect the student, the internship site, and the university. Our program is designed to deepen your knowledge and experience through reflection. We apply your academic learning in the workplace and analyze your workplace experiences in the classroom and through your coursework, providing a richer, more meaningful experience.

OptiUS Capitolons

There are a wide range of internship opportunities in DC and students choose where to apply to and work. IIW assists in this process, but it is each student´s responsibility to apply to openings. Every student in IIW has found an internship. Here are some of the places where students have interned:

Congress: Senators Durbin, Franken, Kirk, Reid; Representatives Davis, Roskam, Schock, Shimkus, Kinzinger

Political parties, political organizations and lobbying firms: Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee, DC Legislative and Regulatory Services, The Keelen Group, The Monument Policy Group, the Kyle House Group

Think Tanks: Brookings Institution, Center for American Progress, Middle East Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center, Center for International Policy

Not-for-Profits: Free the Slaves, Truman National Security Project, Global Solutions, Alliance for Aging Research, National Parks Foundation, America Votes, Rock the Vote, Arms Control Association, Search for Common Ground

Government Agencies: State Department, Department of Labor, FCC, Legal Services Corporation, Office of the US Trade Representative